Choose tough moving boxes in Montreal , avoid bad surprises!

  • Tough Moving Boxes – 1.5 cubic feet

    Ideal for packing your books, CDs, canned goods and various tools.  Compact and tough for easy carrying and loading during your move in Montreal and beyond.

    Tough Moving Boxes – 1.5 cubic feet2.25$

  • Tough Moving Boxes – 2 cubic feet

    Similar to the 1.5 cubic feet box, it can be used to store larger compact items (such as dry goods, cleaning products, etc.) to facilitate your move.

    Tough Moving Boxes – 2 cubic feet2.75$

  • Tough Moving Boxes – 4 cubic feet

    A larger box to store items such as shoes and boots, toys and office goods. It is also ideal for carrying computers, DVD players and other small electronic appliances.

    Tough Moving Boxes – 4 cubic feet4.50$

  • Tough Moving Boxes – 5 cubic feet

    This box can be used to move your blankets, bedding, folded clothing, and cookware.  Hint: make sure that you wrap these items so that they don’t move during storage. On arrival, simply unwrap and place them directly where they belong.

    Tough Moving Boxes – 5 cubic feet5.50$

  • Tough Moving Box / Carton Box for Mirror– Inner

    Ideal for packing glass items, mirrors, frames and paintings.  Make sure that these precious belongings are not broken during the move by adding a protective layer of bubble wrap. You will find bubble wrap in any of our Montreal or Laval offices.

    Tough Moving Box for Mirror– Inner7.50$

  • Tough Moving Box / Carton Box for Mirror– Outer

    Slightly larger than the previous mirror box, these boxes can be used to pack larger mirrors, frames and paintings.  Some ultrathin televisions can also be packed in this box, depending on their size.  Make sure to wrap them before packing!

    Tough Moving Box for Mirror– Outer8.50$

  • Tough Moving Box for Lampshades

    Lampshade boxes are, well, for lampshades!  But they can also be used to pack computer screens, smaller TVs and electronic appliances.

    Tough Moving Box for Lampshades7.50$

  • Tough Moving Boxes for China/Dishes

    One of the most difficult parts of a move is packing your china and dishware.  They are fragile and cumbersome.  This box is ideal for moving them, but make sure that you prepare ahead of time by wrapping each item in a protective covering to avoid breakage as well as overloading your box.

    Tough Moving Boxes for China/Dishes7.00$

  • Tough Moving Box for Wardrobe

    What better way to move your whole wardrobe in one shot! Fitted with a practical bar for hangers, you can place your whole wardrobe, on its hangers, into this compact box.  On arrival in your new Montreal home you can easily unpack and hang.  No need for ironing or drycleaners!

    Tough Moving Box for Wardrobe18.50$

  • Tough Mattress covers

    Coming in three sizes (Single, Queen, King), these covers protect your mattresses from the everyday dirt and grime associated with a move across Montreal.

    Tough Mattress covers6.00$ – 8.00$ – 11.00$

  • Tough Furniture pads

    Your appliances and furniture are an important investment for you and your family.  Protect them during your move to avoid scratches and breaks. Your personal belongings are worth the protection.

    Tough Furniture pads25.00$

  • Tape roll

    To solidify your moving boxes.

    tape roll2.50$

  • Packing paper

    Packing paper to fill the empty space inside boxes. (24″X36″)

    tape roll15.00$