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Planning your move is a time-consuming project, full of pitfalls and complications.  From hiring a mover to packing and unpacking your goods, the risks are abundant.  Why not reduce the risks by renting a moving truck and crew from Déménagement CA? One of the leading movers in Montreal, Déménagement CA offers truck rentals for moving and can help you develop a customized moving plan to meet your specific needs.

Our extensive experience in trucks for moving and highly competent team knows the ins and outs of moving in and to Montreal. From providing solid price estimates to scheduling, truck rentals to hints and supplies for packing and unpacking, and getting your belongings from point A to point B safely and within your budget.

Get in touch with us today for a free online estimate.  One of our moving agents will gladly evaluate your truck rental needs.


Moving Trucks


We have an extensive moving truck rental fleet of over 40 moving trucks for all types of moves.  From the smallest move from a 3 ½ to a 3 ½ to a move from a 4 bedroom home to a new 4 bedroom home, our range of rental trucks can be adapted to your moving needs.

Each moving truck is equipped with special designs to ensure that your belongings get from point A to point B in a safe manner.  All of our Montreal moving truck fleet is equipped with cargo bars to facilitate packing, varnished floors for less friction, and side doors for an easier access to the rental truck storage area.

Our rental truck fleet ranges from 6 and 10 wheeled trucks (26 in total) to a wide range of dry box trucks (from 20 ft. boxes to 30 ft. boxes – 12 in total).  We also rent moving trailers for your Montreal move (from 32 to 52 ft. in length), and 12 flatbed trailers.  Our rental fleet also includes 2 “Econoline” type trucks/vans.

We can also provide truck rental services for any kind of move.  Déménagement CA has extensive experience not only in residential moving, but also commercial moving, industrial moving, specialized moving, our Prestige Service (for seniors), and long distance and overseas moves (in partnership with Mayflower Canada).  We can also assist you with short to long term storage needs.

Déménagement CA is there to help you through all the major steps involved in planning and executing an efficient, safe, and worry-free move.  Contact us today!