5 things not to forget when moving

That’s it! You’ve made the decision to move. Going to Laval? Elsewhere? Either way, it’s crucial for you to be well prepared. It happens all too often that moving companies (whether in Laval or the surrounding area) have to deal with customers who wait until the last minute to finish their moving preparations. As a result, they end up stressed, often forgetting several important things, and suffering throughout a never-ending ordeal.

Worry-free move

During our long years of experience at Déménagement C. A., we’ve seen many situations where the lack of planning was painfully obvious. So, this is why we are offering you today a short list of things to not forget before moving.

Firstly, do a major house cleaning before the arrival of your movers!

Moving to or from Laval? Perfect! Now’s the time to get rid of all the objects, furniture and other accessories that you no longer use! Whatever your destination, look at it as a brand new start! And remember, nothing beats the sensation of travelling light. Also, carrying out a thorough house cleaning will save you money! That’s right: a moving company (from Laval or elsewhere) will charge much less for a smaller quantity of boxes.

Secondly, don’t forget to make your address changes!

Of course, it’s important to give your new address to your movers (whether in Laval or another city) on the day of your move. However, it’s also important to make all your address changes before the big day. This includes your bank, your telephone company, your car dealer, etc. It’s essential to make this transfer! So, in addition to letting your moving company in Laval (or elsewhere) know you new address… you must also inform all the suppliers that you deal with on a daily basis.

Thirdly, retrieve all your hidden objects!

You’ve hidden a spare set of keys somewhere? Your child has buried various “treasures” in the garden? Remember to retrieve them before the movers arrive, whether they’re from Laval or elsewhere. Keep in mind that, once your moving company is on site, whether you’re in Laval or elsewhere, this is not the time to make them wait while you’re off on a treasure hunt!

Fourthly, choose the right moving company!

There are several moving companies in Laval. Dozens and dozens in fact! But, finding the right one isn’t that easy, even though this can make all the difference in your move. Finding a good moving company, in Laval or elsewhere, requires research. So, go ahead and choose carefully!

Fifthly, make arrangements for the moving of your pets!

Are you the proud owner of a dog, a cat, or a rare species of reptile? Great… but don’t forget to plan for moving your pet. Even if Laval moving companies are sometimes more flexible than moving companies from outside Laval, they will very rarely accept to move your pets. In fact, few movers, even in Laval, will accept this kind of load. So don’t forget to prepare for this eventuality in order to not be caught short on moving day.

OK, you’ve followed these tips and you need a sure hand to help you move? Contact a member of the Déménagement C.A. team.

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