Choosing a mover in Laval

The next time you’re planning a move, whether in Laval or elsewhere, it’s important to select the best mover you can to accompany you in this important project. There are many companies to choose from, but not all offer the same level of help and service.

Finding the right moving company

In order to guide you, here are a few tips that can help make your move smooth and stress free.

Tip #1: Seek information on moving companies from your entourage

Ask people you know for any information they may have on movers. Regardless of your original neighborhood and the one to which you are moving, chances are that someone in your entourage can give you good advice.

Regardless of where you live, you’re certainly not the first in the neighborhood to move. That’s why it’s important to find out which moving companies to consider before you start. Moving to Laval? Then, check with family members or friends who have retained the services of movers in Laval. This will give you an idea about:

  • The quality of customer service
  • The price/quality ratio
  • The moving company’s background
  • Etc.

Tip #2: Check the profile of the mover on the Internet

Before you decide on a moving company, make sure that the latter has a good reputation online. And we don’t mean to only read its advertising and promotions. You will want to check out the (regarding small claims court cases). You can also do a search on the Office de la protection du consommateur website and see if the mover you are considering has been the subject of complaints by previous customers.

Whether you’re planning to move to Laval or elsewhere in Quebec, these are kinds of details that you cannot afford to ignore.

Tip #3: Make sure you get a quote from your mover

Several misinformed people make the mistake of not formalizing their agreement on paper before embarking on their move. This is unfortunate, because you have very little recourse if things go wrong with the mover that you have selected. That’s why it is necessary to ensure, before finalizing your choice of a mover, that essential elements are written down in a contract that is duly signed. Here are a few items you don’t want to forget:

  • First and last name of the contact person with which you have concluded the agreement
  • Full contact details of the company
  • Precise assessment of the number of boxes and furniture to move
  • Hourly rate (or the total amount) requested by the movers
  • Payment options accepted by the movers
  • Precise date of your move
  • Number of hours required for the entire move (mover’s evaluation)

Tip #4: Be certain that your mover is insured

To be certain that you have selected the correct mover, make sure that the latter has a good insurance. To do this, do not hesitate to ask him specific questions that will allow you to learn more about the subject.

For example:

Find out the name of the insurance company as well as on the number of his policy.
Ask him what are the provisions that he intends to take if your furniture or personal effects are damaged due to breakage, theft, loss, etc. It is important to validate these details before signing the contract with him.

If you are not satisfied with some of the mover’s answers, do not hesitate to ask additional questions. You have the right to know this information.

Tip #5: In the case of a long-distance move, make sure that your mover can get you there

Not all moving companies have the necessary infrastructure to help you move from one city to another (for example, from Laval to Joliette). That’s why you must confirm this with your mover before you initiate the process.

Using the same example of a move from Laval to Joliette, your mover should provide you with a quote in which the evaluation is based on the weight and volume of your possessions.

Also, make sure that the mover in question has the necessary experience to carry out a long distance move. You can take our word on this: You do not want to fall into the hands of a mover who does not know his business to perfection.

For more information on tips about choosing a mover, do not hesitate to contact a member of Déménagement C.A. in Laval.

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